Lovin’ this technomagorical world.

This morning (5am!) I took part in a video conference call with 3 other photographers who are all at different stages on the video-for-real-estate learning curve. Participants were located in Melbourne, Seattle and N.Carolina. I mean…how great is the intenet…really! To be able to share ideas with such immediacy accelerates learning enormously. But THEN the nerdy-squares pulled out their iPhones and began comparing photography-related apps; a light meter, a database of lens characteristics, an almanac providing sun position at any address at any date and time (great for predicting the best time to photograph the street side of a home). I gotta git me one of them thar phones!

One thought on “Lovin’ this technomagorical world.

  1. Jon,
    I like the sound of these video calls. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go here as work is scarce!

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