Sunshine Coast Property Video

Inform and engage your prospective buyer with full-motion property video and give them the experience of living on the Sunshine Coast.

Generally, video of a home or holiday accommodation should not merely repeat what has already been presented in the photos, but should trigger emotive hooks, perhaps by depicting lifestyle experiences (racking up balls on a pool table, a pool toy afloat and moving in the breeze, dappled shadows on a daybed, waves breaking, coffee perking… ) as these portray sound and movement, which is the strength of video.

Nigel Dalton, the Chief Inventor at, the largest real estate portal in Australia,  says some really interesting things,

“There’s two things that are horrific secrets from our research that I’ll share with you. Number one, always put a floor plan on your listing.”

“The second one is video. Unless it’s good video and tells a story beyond what they can see in the photographs, and can be consumed at a great rate of knots, you’re turning them off.

We’ve had people tell us in research that the moment they see the video is the photographs with some music and a voiceover, that’s the last time they will engage with that listing and they don’t feel good about that agency. So that’s poison absolutely. Be very careful with your video content.”


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