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Real Estate Video leverages Sunshine Coast property marketing .

Watch marketing coach Tom Ferry talks about real estate video and how it can help real estate agents improve their marketing:

Here’s what he said:

1. Start your marketing with a real estate video.

So if you’re a real estate agent then Tom suggests that you need to do a real estate video tour of a property before you do your flyers, your postcards, and everything else.

“You shoot a video first on everything you do.” – Tom Ferry

Yes, he said “video first on EVERYTHING”, which means every listing and not just your $1million+ listings. That’s how important real estate video tours are today, and will be in 2018.

Why use video to market Sunshine Coast real estate? The reasons are as valid now as when I blogged about them six years ago!

  • video is engaging. It will hold a viewer’s attention longer than a static photo.
  • by telling a story appropriate to a target demographic, video can create an emotional hook between the content and the viewer. (Note: “telling a story” does not mean pan around empty rooms and replicate what the photos already tell the viewer).
  • video can deliver not only the spatial flow of the home, but also include the sounds of the home, further evoking emotional response. (Sell the sizzle, not the steak). Great for the long-distance buyer.
  • video distribution via Youtube and social media sites increases the visibility of any given property from a search engine standpoint.
  • video boosts the agent’s own brand power, in part by showing that the agent is willing to utilise new marketing technologies. By introducing the property on-camera the agent can begin a relationship with prospective buyers.

2. Use Facebook Live video.

Tom also mentions the importance of using Facebook Live (which he mispronounces).

What can real estate agents do with a Facebook Live video?

Well, you answer the questions and concerns that people in your area have when it comes to buying and selling real estate. How do you find that? You ask them, and it’s as easy as posting an image or a post on your Facebook Page, and say, “What scares you the most about buying and selling real estate?” Use all of the feedback they give you to create lots of lots of small, simple videos of you addressing those concerns.

Still not sure?

“Google said that 85% of the world’s content will be video by 2019.” – Tom Ferry

That’s a huge number, but there’s a reason for that:

“The business argument for using more video is simple: it works.

The Web Video Marketing Council (WVM) says online video has become a crucial part of the sales and marketing programs for most business-to-business (b2b) organisations, with 96% of those surveyed saying they now engage in video content marketing. Nearly three-quarters report a positive impact on their marketing results.”

– ‘Show, don’t tell: How video is swamping the internet‘, BBC News

Meanwhile over at Facebook they’re saying that it will probably be all video by around 2019 or 2020:


As mentioned, I blogged about video 6 years ago. Back then it was “the hot new thing”, and certainly, early adopters have been reaping benefits such as;

  • exposure for the agent’s brand, leading to…
  • increased listings
  • reduced time-on-market
  • higher sale prices

But it seems now that, because of factors such as improving internet speeds, the massive increase in our use of social platforms and the embracing of video by those platforms, that video has come into its own and will continue to flourish as a marketing tool.

Propertyshoot films a real estate video on the Sunshine Coast
Jon May of Propertyshoot using a portable jib, or ‘crane’, to create a video clip in a Sunshine Coast home.