Slaving over a hot shutter

A full day of photography yesterday, a mix of personal projects and a paying gig. First up was dawn patrol on Coolum Beach where I met two young blokes heading out for a surf before school, then a gentleman from NZ here on holiday out for a brisk walk and lastly a couple clearly basking in each other’s light who had risen to enjoy the sunrise together. They were all at varied ages and stages, and reminded me why I had started this project in the first place; to capture and share images with people enjoying a magic time of day.

Dawn Portrait by Propertyshoot Photogaphy Sunshine Coast

Dawn Photo by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast

Then it was off to photograph a home for sale. I hadn’t realised from the address, but as soon as I pulled up I knew that I’d photographed the same residence a couple of years earlier. It’s always interesting reshooting a property and comparing the results to an earlier effort to see how one’s taste in choosing angles, and techniques of lighting and processing, have changed.

After lunch I headed to a local cane farm and captured a panorama encompassing Mt Coolum and a barn bearing a mural of surf at Mudjimba. Bathed in warm afternoon light it’s a scene I’ve loved ever since arriving on The Coast. The panorama consists of 42 individual images, so you’ll have to wait until I get around to processing that one. |Update: if you refresh the page a few times this panorama will appear as the header image.|

But all-in-all a satisfying day.

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