Crikey it’s early!!

As a change of pace from shooting property I’ve been getting onto the local beaches before sunrise and offering other early birds a complimentary dawn portrait. Really, I’m on the beach for much the same reason as other folk – it’s a spectacular time of day! But I also get to practise my craft and meet people. Look for the bloke with the camera and come and say “G’day”.

Coolum fisherman by Propertyshoot.
Waiting for the sun to crack the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Crikey it’s early!!”

  1. Hey David, thanks for stopping by. I did read recently results of a study that surveyed people from both modern and primitive cultures, to find out in general how contented they were. Certainly the ‘primitives’ were no less contented than the ‘moderns’ who would seem to have more ‘stuff’ and opportunity. The summation was that humans primarily derive happiness from creating and maintaining social links within their communities. So there’s perhaps a good reason to blog, in order to establish those connections?

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