Marketing Photography – applying an interior lighting technique to a products and services shoot.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot some marketing photos for Noosa company “Classic Coffee Roasters”, whose visual signature is an awesome customised VW Kombi. We met up early one morning on the Noosa river. I wanted to light the van so that it would stand out from its background, and it was immediately apparent that the van’s  interior, and Sam the barista, would also benefit from additional light. Although I had a studio flash on a stand providing a wash of light onto the van’s exterior, it wasn’t of any use for lighting the interior, as cranking up the flash’s power merely caused the coffee machine and the van’s pneumatic hood to cast hard shadows. Out came the trusty FOS (“flash-on-a-stick”). Armed with a wireless remote to fire the camera I was able to light various parts of the interior, and Sam, and then combine the lit parts of those photos to create a finished composite. And because Sam was the only object in the scene that moved, he could be placed into the interior in different poses. It’s a cool technique that can also be applied to any photos of interiors, with or without people, in a home, office, bar or restaurant.

Photo of Customised VW Kombi coffee van by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast
Completed photo


Behind the scenes photo showing Propertyshoot Photography at work.
Behind the scenes – lighting the interior.

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