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The Boardwalk, Mt Coolum

I was on the boardwalk this morning, checking the surf and looking for photo ops. The full moon was setting and the sun about to rise. The boardwalk is a nice facility, taking one on a sinuous walk through the dune forest canopy to emerge at the beach. On the return trip, Mt Coolum is front and centre.

The Boardwalk photo by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast
The Boardwalk snakes through the treetops toward Mt Coolum.

Slaving over a hot shutter

A full day of photography yesterday, a mix of personal projects and a paying gig. First up was dawn patrol on Coolum Beach where I met two young blokes heading out for a surf before school, then a gentleman from NZ here on holiday out for a brisk walk and lastly a couple clearly basking in each other’s light who had risen to enjoy the sunrise together. They were all at varied ages and stages, and reminded me why I had started this project in the first place; to capture and share images with people enjoying a magic time of day.

Dawn Portrait by Propertyshoot Photogaphy Sunshine Coast

Dawn Photo by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast

Then it was off to photograph a home for sale. I hadn’t realised from the address, but as soon as I pulled up I knew that I’d photographed the same residence a couple of years earlier. It’s always interesting reshooting a property and comparing the results to an earlier effort to see how one’s taste in choosing angles, and techniques of lighting and processing, have changed.

After lunch I headed to a local cane farm and captured a panorama encompassing Mt Coolum and a barn bearing a mural of surf at Mudjimba. Bathed in warm afternoon light it’s a scene I’ve loved ever since arriving on The Coast. The panorama consists of 42 individual images, so you’ll have to wait until I get around to processing that one. |Update: if you refresh the page a few times this panorama will appear as the header image.|

But all-in-all a satisfying day.

Bob’s a Coolum personality, inventor, musician & surfer who in a very practical way makes a real difference to our coastal water quality. Bob designs, builds and maintains efficient low cost stormwater filtration devices. A single unit intercepting runoff from a hotel carpark will prevent many kilograms of trash and hydrocarbons each month from entering waterways such as Coolum’s Stumer’s Creek.

Dawn Portrait by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast

Monday Monday

It’s already noticeable that the sun is rising that little bit earlier each day. Which means I will also have to be rising steadily earlier each time I want to see the sunrise. 1st Aug – 0630. 1st Dec – 0445! OMG 8-o

Today’s photo is not from the vault. It was actually taken this morning at Stumer’s Creek, fast becoming my favourite location. It is popular with walkers and their dogs (joggers don’t stop for a photo), the lagoon beautifully mirrors the colours in the sky and I can set up within 20m of my car.

Best Buds.

Busy Weekend

It was gratifying to see The SC Daily and Coolum News pick up on my dawn portrait story. Of course I should have been up and at ’em soon after publication to maintain the momentum, but had 2 late nights playing with my band The Remedy. So rising at 5:30 was not going to happen. But I will be at Stumer’s Creek early Monday morning.
Stumer’s…doggie heaven! It’s a great spot to engage people and their pets. The pooches usually come and break the ice first. And if they bolt past, there’s always the squeaky toy!

Dawn Portrait by Propertyshoot