Declutter! (usually)

A rule of thumb when selling your home is to ‘declutter’ or to ‘depersonalise’ it so that potential owners can imagine making their own memories in their new place. So what to do when the clutter actually looks really cool!? Apart from the fact that moving this much stuff is way outside my job description, this scene is just downright appealing.

A sunny nook

Tech note: Natural light apart from a flash fired from outside through the venetian blinds.


While vehicle-mounted 20m high gas-lift telescopic masts can provide a unique perspective on a property and its surrounding assets, they are a $ignificant inve$tment. However even modest camera elevation can be useful in overcoming hedges, fences and steep driveways to reveal a home (or in this case, a supermarket), and so I modified a 5m (extended) pruning pole which is easily packed into the car.

Photo of supermarket taken from 5m

A stitch in time

Joining, or ‘stitching’, several overlapping photos together is a great way to include more of a scene than could be embraced by a single photo. Here are a couple of examples, each composed of 3-4 individual photos. In both instances I particularly wanted to include the treetops.

Panoramic image of Australian gum trees .

Modern Australian home with a bush backdrop

Day’s head and tail makes for nice light.

Often I get booked near the middle of the day when the sun is high and the shadows short or absent. “Flat lighting” as it’s described in the trade. Early and late in the day the sun is low, the shadows long and the light warm and buttery, making for more interesting & attractive interior photos in my opinion.

Sunny unit photo by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast
Late afternoon sun pours into this new unit in a Kawana estate.

Property Imaging Sunshine Coast