That accursed rock… ;-)

Living as I do under the shadow of Mt Coolum, I’m always on the lookout for new angles on him. After a fine morning I was returning home because incoming cloud had put paid to a scheduled afternoon property shoot. As I was crossing the bridge on Walter Hay drive I happened to turn my head and sha-WING! I pulled over and walked back for this view across Lake Weyba to Coolum.

Mt Coolum from the lower reaches of Lake Weyba

The Boardwalk, Mt Coolum

I was on the boardwalk this morning, checking the surf and looking for photo ops. The full moon was setting and the sun about to rise. The boardwalk is a nice facility, taking one on a sinuous walk through the dune forest canopy to emerge at the beach. On the return trip, Mt Coolum is front and centre.

The Boardwalk photo by Propertyshoot Photography Sunshine Coast

The Boardwalk snakes through the treetops toward Mt Coolum.