Back in the Saddle.

Aack! Lured away by the potential social reach of Facebook, I haven’t posted here since May. Time to devote a little more – time – to this blog, if only because Google rewards relevant activity on websites with better search rankings.

Beautiful late afternoon light on a property near Lake Cooroibah

Beautiful late afternoon light on a property near Lake Cooroibah

Found light often the best light.

Property photographers seldom have the luxury of scouting a property in order to choose the best time of day when the sun is showcasing the home. Hopefully the vendor has a good idea of when that might be, and communicates this to their sales agent who books the photographer. So I was rather pleased to turn up at this home yesterday and find the afternoon sun and venetian blinds playing nice together.
Sunlit interior by

However it IS possible to manipulate light if there’s not enough of it in the right place. In this shot, the light pattern on the floor is natural, however the stripes on the dining table were created by placing a flash outside the window on the left.
sunlit interior 2 by

The Front Shot Rules!

Here’s an interesting article that reports research examining the way in which people scan RE listings. “Researchers tracking the eye movements of subjects who looked at online home listings found that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo—the one that shows the exterior of the home—for a total of 20 seconds. After that, their eyes tended to flit all over the screen…”

Interesting that while the front shot garnered most attention (20 secs), there was a 5-way tie for second place, with photos of other rooms sharing equal eyeball time of 8 secs.
Read the whole article here

Rained off?

We’re so spoiled for sun on The Sunshine Coast that many people prefer to to wait if the weather is less than perfect on the day that their photo-shoot is scheduled. It’s easy to  forget though that grey wet conditions often prevail at this time of year as tropical storms drift down the coast and moisture-laden winds roll in off the ocean. Interiors can still look bright and attractive with creative flash placement mimicking the sun, and a subtle sky replacement from the library, so perhaps you don’t have to postpone after all?


It’s always interesting photographing a home that you’ve shot years earlier. I archive everything, so I was able to look back at the photos of this home that I’d taken 4 years, 2 cameras and a lot of practice ago. Back then the place was vacant and unfurnished and currently looks much more appealing.

If Santa Slid down a Fig Tree…

It’s holidays, so here’s one I shot on a visit to Ballina over the past few days. ‘Strangler’ Figs germinate in the branches of trees after birds poop out fig seeds they have eaten. The fig sends out runners that wrap around the trunk of the host tree on their way to the soil below. They branch rather like capillaries. In some cases the host tree dies (not due to the presence of the fig), and the trunk rots away leaving a hollow tube formed by the fig. I laid the camera on its back at the base of the tube and set it to take 3 exposures which were late combined. The colour has been tweaked toward red also.