Walk-through style property video.

If you’re a sports fan you may have seen TV cameramen scuttling down the sideline, following the action with their camera mounted on a framelike contraption which is itself supported by a body harness. That’s a steadicam, a device designed to absorb the ‘bobbling’ motion imparted to the camera by the cameraman’s own movement. The result is smooth, almost floating, footage. If you’ve ever walked with a full cup of tea (anyone?) you’ll appreciate the challenge of keeping that liquid surface motionless.

I recently purchased a small steadicam, scaled down for my camera. What a fiendishly frustrating device! Right up there with the rubber frypan!! However, just the tool for transitioning the camera between ‘scenes’, or rooms in the house.

Have a look at the ‘walk-through style’ video below which consists mostly of steadicam sequences, along with a dashboard intro!

4 thoughts on “Walk-through style property video.

  1. Mate,
    That was beautiful. We are still looking for a home! That was the slickest presentation of a home I have ever seen. Good on ya Jon.

  2. This is a very innovative and interesting way to showcase a property, whether its for the rental or sale market. I haven’t seen it used in the Irish market to a great extent yet, but its an excellent tool to have!

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