Self Absorption

What is it with this incessant urge in people to chronicle their every waking moment, with each brain-purge shamelessly aired via blogs and social networking sites to a world the author believes is panting in breathless anticipation!
Why when I was young we didn’t have Facebook or Twitter. Nor did we have digi cams the size of a cigarette packet. We had pen and paper…and…and…we had to wait days for prints to come back from the lab. Like this self-portrait from 1978 taken while hitching from Sydney to Brisbane. Camera perched on a rock, delayed shutter. Yes I was shameless even then. And if I’d had today’s technology, I would have shared this within 30 seconds instead of waiting 30 years ;-D

4 thoughts on “Self Absorption

  1. Jon,
    You do have a way with words which I wont try to copy. I guess if we had such tech back in the 70’s I wouln’t have heard Rewa shouting “Jonathon!” She would have txt you so I would have no idea that you were not where you should have been.
    I think the way things were back then was simple and good though it was a frustration waiting for photos but that also had the advantage of anticipation rather than ,well that can be scrapped. Gone are the days of real “Dodging” and “Burning” to get the right exposure and detail of B&W prints. Still cant get my head around that. Adobe P/S is good but complex.
    Give me the good old days!

    • Well, I for one, am happy with today’s technology simply because we (you and I, brother dearest) are more in touch with each other than ever before and I put that down to email. I mean, I had no idea you hitched from Sydney to Brisbane!!! Did you know I hitched from Perth to Broome at about the same time? But I wouldn’t give up the memories of the good old days and Mom’s soprano voice ricocheting around the neighborhood for all to hear (apparently, Brookie!) and try to mimic, for anything!

  2. Ha ha. Yes, we just had to be out of earshot, whereas kids today with cellphones might as well be carrying a tracking device!
    Persevere with Photoshop. Sure the darkroom has its magic – the smell of chemicals and the glow of the safe light, but PS gives you such control. You could always put a red bulb in the office and burn incense while you work!

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