Ninderry Sunset

Time-lapse photography ‘speeds up time’ by taking a series of photos (here taken every 3 seconds) and playing them back at 25 photos per second. As with any video, the music contributes to the viewing experience in a synergistic manner, and can have overriding affect on the mood and message. See the minions (commuters) scurry to their work! 😉

That accursed rock… ;-)

Living as I do under the shadow of Mt Coolum, I’m always on the lookout for new angles on him. After a fine morning I was returning home because incoming cloud had put paid to a scheduled afternoon property shoot. As I was crossing the bridge on Walter Hay drive I happened to turn my head and sha-WING! I pulled over and walked back for this view across Lake Weyba to Coolum.

Mt Coolum from the lower reaches of Lake Weyba

Rotten weather eh?

Seems like it’s been wet and windy for weeks, though really, it’s only been one week. Sure felt relatively miserable after the long spells of later winter sunshine we’d previously been enjoying. Here’s a shot I grabbed before it all went pear-shaped. Mid-afternoon and the cane is glowing with back light, while blue Ninderry gazes broodily westward. It’s a shot I’d seen several times from the car while on the Sunshine motorway. Finally I made a special trip. Shot from the edge of the road with traffic whizzing by.

Mt Ninderry and cane farm

This one gives a feel for the recent weather. It was fine enough (grey, but not actually raining!) to squeeze in a property shoot.

Horse turns to look across the paddock toward Mt Coolum .